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Why Personalised Fashion

We understand that when it comes especially to a special occasion, is super
difficult and stressful to find a nice dress that doesn’t cost a fortune and
matches perfectly your style.

There are two types of women when it comes to choosing a dress, meet Electra & Anna


A woman who has a clear picture in her mind of what she wants but struggles to find exactly that.

We all know the process, Electra starts dreaming about a certain dress and starts searching online and offline to find it, but most of the times she ends up disappointed.

It always goes in two ways:

  1. By finding something we like but not our dream dress
  2. Or can’t find something we like and end up wearing something we already had.

Customize Your Own and finally receive the dress of your dreams!

This is ANA

A woman who has or has not a type and is open to suggestions.
Anna is not sure what she wants, but certainly, something unique that matches her own style.

What comes to her mind are:

  1. Mass fashion brands, certainly trendy but following the principle of “one size fits all”. Most probably she’ll bump into somebody wearing exactly the same…she doesn’t want to look like everybody else
  2. Luxury brands, beautiful pieces but not very
    accessible….She doesn’t want to pay that much of a mark up for the branding.

If you feel like Anna, try our solution.

Upload your picture
Please feel free to share two pictures of your front back sides of your body with us.We need a picture to understand better your body shape in order to be able to custom size your garment perfectly. We only need a picture of your body without the headshot. Frobolous claims that the picture will be solemnly used for garment production purposes and the privacy of the client will be preserved at any moment.
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