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When customization meets size inclusivity: Power dressing made easy.

Published on: 11 August, 2022 | Categories: customization

It’s the number one reoccurring phenomenon in fashion: “What was once old is suddenly new again”. Mid length or high waist skirts, puffy sleeves, and Victorian necklines are here to remind us of that. But the cliché saying doesn’t apply only to fashion trends. It also applies to the way these garments are produced. This inclination towards slow fashion that we’ve been witnessing in the past few years is nothing but a modernized version of a tailor showing up in your fancy mansion to create a unique piece based on your measurements and style preferences. What was once a luxury only the wealthy were entitled to, is now an accessible alternative for professional women that is disrupting the fashion industry. But there is more than accessibility that going back to slow fashion brings.

Ready to wear garments have dominated the industry long enough to create very rigid perceptions of body sizes and shapes. Fashion designers seem to have forgotten about size inclusivity as a must in accommodating our garment needs. No wonder we are facing issues related to self doubt, loss of confidence, and the constant struggle to look slimmer given the myriad of images we see in the runaways, shop windows, magazines, and on our Instagram feed. It’s how our expectations are formed, the bad kind that make you feel empty and disappointed when you don’t stick to them.

It’s the ongoing scenario every single time you go dress shopping: you find a dress you love, your hearts form heart shapes and you feel like you’re walking on clouds on the way to the dressing room, and then you find out it doesn’t work for your unique figure. Mass fashion might be convenient and time efficient, but are ready to wear pieces really “ready” to wear?

Tailoring each garment to the customer’s measurements was our top priority when developing our business model. It’s very simple: each of our bodies are different and attaching a number to represent a size doesn’t make sense. We challenge the black and white philosophy and refuse to stand on either the mass production, or the full customization end. We like to do the tough job of offering the best of both worlds: dresses that you can order from the comfort of your home, tailored to your exact measurements. We feel that size inclusivity should be a no-brainer, and that is one of the main pillars of our philosophy.

We know how hectic life can be for professional women and we like to spare you unnecessary troubles. With fitting crossed from your list of worries, you can dedicate all your time to dress hunting in our two sections: customising our existing models or picking a dress from our designer’s hub.

Customising Frobolous Models:
Depending on the dress you can customize either the sleeves or neckline, choose among a wide variety of lengths and colors, as well as add a special detail like a cute bow in an open back dress. Whether you want to show less/more skin, or transform a mini cocktail dress to a proper gown, you can customize our models on up to five different levels.


Start Customization

Designer’s hub:
If you want to take a leap of faith, you can pick one of the beautifully designed pieces from our fashion designers’ hub featuring collections from eight unique designers. Be it Zala Alpaslan’s edgy vibes or ezratuba’s runaway worthy pieces, there’s something here for everyone.

To view more unique pieces check them out for yourself here:

Designer’s Hub


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