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As we are witnessing day by day, not being a stustainable business, brand, operator, is absolutely the wrong way to go. We are all seeing the effects of our years of playing around industries, polluting, wasting and therefore destroying, come to fruition now, slowly reaching a point of no return.
It’s well-known fact that the fashion industry is one of the most damaging industries regarding the

For such a big business venture, that dedicates so many collections to nature and the space that we inhabit, we sure seem to not have done enough to also save it, while honoring it. The seasons for which we showcase creations are changing rapidly, two of them no longer happening in certain countries of the world.

This definitely rings alarm bells to all of us part of this gigantic field of service. But, there is a silver-lining to all of this…That is changing.
And FROBOLOUS, is proudly part of this fabulous change.

As an e-commerce marketplace, our aim was to not only find sustainable means of shipping, packaging and creating sustainable policies, but to also collaborate with like-minded brands, creators and ateliers worldwide, that create to live, not only sell. Designers who produce small collections, who handmake their unique clothing creations and accessories, whom’s orders come to life only after they are finalized by the client, creating an experience rather than just an “online shopping action”.

Our ideology as a sustainable fashion platform, but also as a brand with our very own FRBL Collections is solely based upon one very short moto: Made-To-Order. Every piece of clothing you see, like and
want to buy, will be made from scratch by the designers whom pieces you are choosing to make yours, giving you the opportunity to really customize it to your body and preferences, highlighting all your best parts. This lowers the chances of coming across a return order, waste of materials, working hours and unusable stock. And talking about stock, we have none.

The way we sell and connect the client to our brands means that every order is ready-to-make or ready-to-sell based on the atelier, allowing us the very sustainable luxury of having no inventory.

Every garment is locally produced and hand-created, some brands using some very special locally
produced fabrics, textiles and embellishments as well, finalizing not just a piece of clothing, but a piece
of wearable art…Why? Cause being sustainable is definitly fabulous, just like FROBOLOUS.

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Please feel free to share two pictures of your front back sides of your body with us.We need a picture to understand better your body shape in order to be able to custom size your garment perfectly. We only need a picture of your body without the headshot. Frobolous claims that the picture will be solemnly used for garment production purposes and the privacy of the client will be preserved at any moment.
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