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Considering that Fashion one the top industries that pollutes the most, all our garments are made-to-order. We believe in a No-Waste Environmental Protective Policy.
We start producing all our personalised & designer-made clothes at the moment you place an order. Everything is just-in-time production; we don’t keep any inventory & don’t have any stock left to overwhelm the environment. Therefore, we are able to deliver in 2-3 weeks from the moment of the order. We’d love to rely on your persistence to contribute on a cleaner environment!

Production Process

Week 1

  1. Place the order for fabric to the supplier.
  2. Place the order to the right producer.
  3. Deliver the fabric to the producer to start production.

Week 2

1. Production completed and awaits for approval.
First Quality Control

2. Approved and shipped to UK.

Week 3

1. Quality Control, Garment checked in details and a picture is taken for further documentations.

2. Personalized packaging takes place.

3. Shipped to the customer.

Upload your picture
Please feel free to share two pictures of your front back sides of your body with us.We need a picture to understand better your body shape in order to be able to custom size your garment perfectly. We only need a picture of your body without the headshot. Frobolous claims that the picture will be solemnly used for garment production purposes and the privacy of the client will be preserved at any moment.
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