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Considering that Fashion one the top industries that pollutes the most, all our garments are made-to-order. We believe in a No-Waste Environmental Protective Policy.
We start producing all our personalised & designer-made clothes at the moment you place an order. Everything is just-in-time production; we don’t keep any inventory & don’t have any stock left to overwhelm the environment. Therefore, we are able to deliver in 2-3 weeks from the moment of the order. We’d love to rely on your persistence to contribute on a cleaner environment!

Production Process

Week 1

  1. Place the order for fabric to the supplier.
  2. Place the order to the right producer.
  3. Deliver the fabric to the producer to start production.

Week 2

1. Production completed and awaits for approval.
First Quality Control

2. Approved and shipped to UK.

Week 3

1. Quality Control, Garment checked in details and a picture is taken for further documentations.

2. Personalized packaging takes place.

3. Shipped to the customer.

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