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As Rossini you might not be aware of the emotional surroundings, the Seville dress will expose the light sensual side of your bold personality, coming in 18 personalized cuts, waiting for you to make the move.

Choose your own style, from our house to yours crafted with love!

A delicate dress made to embrace your silhouette by softly showing your caring side…all the love, the beauty, compassion that a feminine soul has to offer. A woman how has felt a lot of feelings, good and bad, but all of them have helped her to grow in the beautiful person that she is today…YOU!


  • 100% beige Crepe fabric.
  • Made-to-measure to fit you perfectly
  • Deep-V neck shaped, maxi dress offered in 18 different customizations to match your perfect styling
  • No-Waste, no-mass production, made-to-order dress, we start producing only when you place an order. We’re doing our best to protect the environment!
  • Fabric & Care: Dry clean only


From our house to yours crafted with love!

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