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Considering that Fashion is one of the top industries that pollute the most, all our garments are made-to-order.
We believe in a No-Waste Environmental Protective Policy.
We start producing all our personalized & designer-made clothes at the moment you place an order. Everything is just-in-time production; we don’t keep any inventory & don’t have any stock left to overwhelm the environment.
Therefore, we are able to deliver in 2-3 weeks from the moment of the order.
We’d love to rely on your persistence to contribute to a cleaner environment!

Case-by-Case Return Policy
Our clothing is made-to-order, just for you and no one else. Everything is just-in-time production; we don’t keep any inventory & don’t have any stock left to overwhelm the environment that’s why we have a case-by-case return policy for all the designer's garments, considering that Frobolous is a marketplace for their products.

We will only accept return requests only if:
We delivered the wrong products to customer due to our mistakes.
We delivered a damage/defective item(s) to customer. However, we will ensure all items are in good conditions before we send it out.
For more information please refer to the Return Policy section.


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This dress is inspired by the beauty of the female body per se. It is made in a way that emphasises the shape, lines and details of the beautiful feminine body & it’s named after her, Femininity. The dress is fully handmade, every detail of the flower appliques, the Swarovski crystals, the pearls and the feathers are sewed or composed by hand in the delicate but resistible tulle fabric.

The dress comes in the white creamy colour, mostly transparent covered with the pearls and 30% – 40% of it with Swarowski crystal elements.

The femininity dress will make you experience the beautiful “basic instinct” of being a woman!

From our house to yours, crafted with love!

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