Pink sapphire cuttlefish bone ring (silver) - Frobolous

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Pink sapphire cuttlefish bone ring (silver)


The cuttlefish bone series is created by pouring molten silver into a real cuttlefish bone, giving it the unique lined texture.
This method of metal casting is one of the earliest methods used to cast small metal objects – a very traditional
manufacturing process combined with contemporary designs to create something brand new.
– Pink sapphire and Black Spinel gemstones
– 18k gold plated 100% recycled silver 925.
– Handmade and finished in London


Every garment is especially hand made from scratch for you in our Atelier, therefor we claim that the garment will be very similar to the product you see in the picture but there might be ome slight differences in the details of the garments. Being a handmade work no garments can be identical to the other as the mass production does.

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