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Where can you find frobolus in paris

Franck Boclet Paris Store

Welcome to FRANCK BOCLET located in the heart of PARIS, this multi brand store is another exclusive showroom for Frobolous’s collections. The center of chic, luxurious designs, elevated style and classy sophisticated latest designer garments.FRANCK BOCLET is the perfect place for shoppers who enjoy exploring diverse clothing options under one roof, easily finding their style when visiting it.

KOUAKOU Paris Store

KOUAKOU PARIS, the pinnacle of Parisian style and exclusivity. Situated on a renowned fashion street, this multiband store is the exclusive showroom for FROBOLOUS LONDON. Step into a world where avant-garde design meets Parisian chic, showcasing FROBOLOUS’ latest and most coveted designer garments. KOUAKOU PARIS is a destination for discerning fashion enthusiasts seeking the extraordinary, where the synergy of Parisian elegance and FROBOLOUS innovation creates an unparalleled shopping experience.


KOUAKOU PARIS 153 Rue de Grenelle
Franck Boclet, Rue de Grenelle, 90 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris, France


ST. Vaso Pasha, Rainbow Center (opposite Credins Bank), 2nd floor, TIRANE

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