The moonlight will guide you through this melodic dress, inspired by the shady secrets of the moon – Luna is a crepe touch through 8 personal cuts waiting to be discovered. Inspired by the great Debussy and his masterpiece Claire de Lune.

Choose your own style, from our house to yours crafted with love!

This dress is a celebration of yourself, to cherish you and your body shapes. Asymmetrical mermaid cut dress for the woman of the moment, the woman of now, the woman who knows no time and still lives in the time.


  • 100% Crepe fabric.
  • Made-to-measure to fit you perfectly
  • Deep-V neck shaped, maxi dress offered in 8 different customizations to match your perfect styling
  • No-Waste, no-mass production, made-to-order dress, we start producing only when you place an order. We’re doing our best to protect the environment!
  • Offered in 4 different colours like pink, red, violet and black.
  • Fabric & Care: Dry clean only


From our house to yours crafted with love!

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