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FrostLily Azeztulite Crystal and Gold/Silver Bead Drop Earrings


This pair of exquisite drop earrings is a testament to elegance, featuring a
perfect blend of luminous gold beads and miniature Azeztulite crystal
spheres delicately suspended from a thin gold/silver chain, creating a
harmonious fusion of elegance and mystique. The luminous gold beads
introduce an opulent charm, forming a luxurious backdrop for the captivating
Azeztulite crystal spheres. Their miniature size imparts a subtle yet
enchanting quality, capturing the essence of celestial beauty. Adorn
yourself with these exquisite earrings–a true manifestation of luminosity
and crystal energy. The FrostLily Azeztulite Crystal and Gold/Silver Bead
Drop Earrings invite you to elevate your style, offering a unique accessory
that seamlessly blends earthly elegance with the mystical allure of
Azeztulite. Whether for a special occasion or to add a touch of cosmic
inspiration to your everyday look, these earrings are a statement of refined
beauty and timeless grace.


Every garment is especially hand made from scratch for you in our Atelier, therefor we claim that the garment will be very similar to the product you see in the picture but there might be ome slight differences in the details of the garments. Being a handmade work no garments can be identical to the other as the mass production does.

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