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Everything about the English fashion-tech company!

Published on: 24 February, 2023 | Categories: customization

“Frobolous” is an English fashion-tech company that started two years ago with a wide online presence in the UK market & in the retail channel in the French market. With an innovative concept, the creation of this platform aims to promote different designers in an international market.

The company was created by Mrs. Frosina Bollo, who wanted to bring innovation and tradition together, bringing clothes created with great care and skill, handmade as in the past, curating every detail in the ateliers of different designers, but brought in an innovative form through technology.


On the “Frobolous” platform you can find designers from the most contemporary to the most daring with an avant-garde style. The variety of products ranges from the simplest ones such as swimwear, casual wear, suits to gala dresses and bridal dresses. All products on the platform are offered with a high degree of customization, from the shape of the collar, sleeves, to the length, color, measurements which can all be selected according to the body shapes of each person.

The epitome of luxury or luxury products is customization, tailor-made clothing in small ateliers, where work is done with great care and professional ethics. This is exactly the main purpose of the existence of “Frobolous”, offering products of high standard, customized for the customer and at a balanced price, which varies on average at 500 euros.

With a wide range of style selections, this platform brings to customers a wide number of European designers, in which well-known names of Albanian designers are also noticed, such as: Enada At’Nikolla, Rezarta Skifteri, Tierr by Tierr, Jona Muca Atelier, Aga Clothing, Anisa Collection, Xharkanji and many others.

Recently, “Frobolous” comes with an added innovation by opening two sales points in the capital of fashion, Paris. A selling point comes in the form of a showroom, where most of the clothes are on display in the boutique, which is located at 153 Rue de Grenelle, just 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower.

The second point of sale comes in the form of a ‘concept store’ where a ‘capsule collection’ of “Frobolous” is exhibited in collaboration with the well-known Albanian designer Enada At’Nikolla. This is located inside the famous restaurant “Frances Victoria” and in the equally well-known club visited by many internationally famous VIPs “L’Arc”, which are located near the “Arc de Triomphe”.


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