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To The NInes

‘TO THE NINES label’ is a women’s wear brand that is based in Kosovo. Our journey began officially in 2022, making a childhood dream true. Our brand mission is creating timeless statement pieces and crafting looks that embody the essence of each woman. Each garment is hand-made and carefully done within the team in Kosovo to ensure the upmost quality & dedication for our clients and to a more sustainable future. We launch new styles and colors in small quantities, then we reproduce what we see most demand for. This enables us to avoid reproduction. By recycling more and reducing the amount of the fabric scraps, the more friendlier to our planet fashion can be. ‘To the nines’ is an idiom meaning ‘to perfection’ or ‘wearing your best clothes’. The idiom is believed to have originated in 18th century because there were no ‘off the shelf’ suits back then and If you wanted one, you had it made especially for you. In those days, a suit included waistcoat and it took nine yards of fabric to complete, so the idiom applied to the preparation of a full set of a suit. The phrase ‘dressed to the nines’ is typically used in a positive and admiring manner to describe someone’s appearance. The name behind our brand is reflected in each design that we create. We want you to look dressed TO THE NINES.

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Please feel free to share two pictures of your front back sides of your body with us.We need a picture to understand better your body shape in order to be able to custom size your garment perfectly. We only need a picture of your body without the headshot. Frobolous claims that the picture will be solemnly used for garment production purposes and the privacy of the client will be preserved at any moment.
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