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What Frobolous is & how it works:
March 6, 2020 – 1:17 p.m.

When tailoring meets the exclusivity of size: The power of clothing becomes easy.

It is the number one recurring phenomenon in fashion: “What was once old is suddenly new again “. Medium or high-waisted skirt, puffy sleeves and Victorian neckline are back to remind us. But the cliché does not only apply to fashion trends.

It also applies to the way clothes are produced. This trend towards sluggish fashion that we have seen for a few years is nothing but a modernized version of a tailor who appears in your fancy mansion to create a unique piece based on your dimensions and stylistic preferences.

What was once a luxury that only the rich were entitled to is now an affordable alternative for women professionals who are disrupting the fashion industry.

Ready-made garments have dominated the industry long enough to create very stereotypes about body size and shape. Fashion designers seem to have forgotten the exclusivity of size as a prerequisite for clothing.

There is no doubt that we face issues related to self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and the constant struggle we seem to lose, given the millions of images we see on the highways, in shop windows, in magazines and on Instagram. It is how our expectations are formed, the negative kind that makes us feel empty and frustrated when we do not reach them.

It is the constant scenario every time you go shopping for a dress: you find a dress that you like, with the line you dream of and you feel like you are walking in the clouds going to the rehearsals and there you find that it is not suitable for your body. Mass fashion can be convenient and time efficient, but are ready-made garments really “ready” to be worn?

Designing each garment tailored to the client’s proportions was our first priority in developing our business model. It’s very simple: Every body is different and attaching a number that represents a size does not make sense.

We challenge black and white philosophy and refuse to dwell on either mass production or the end of full adaptation. We like to do the hard work by offering the best of both worlds: dresses that you can order from the comfort of your own home, tailored to your exact proportions. pillars of our philosophy.

We know how dynamic life is for women professionals and we want to get rid of unnecessary problems. By applying the garment out of your list of concerns, you can devote all your time to finding a dress in our two sections: either adapting our existing models or choosing a designer dress.

Customizing Frobolous models:

Depending on the dress, you can customize either the sleeves or the neckline, choose from a wide variety of sizes and colors, and add a special detail like a cute bow to a backless dress. Whether you want to show more or less skin, or turn a mini cocktail dress into a toilet, you can customize our models up to five different levels.

Click here to start customization:

Our designers:

If you want to trust us, you can choose one of the beautifully designed pieces from the center of our fashion designers with collections of eight unique designers. Whether it is the intense vibes of Zala Alpaslan or the distinctive pieces of ezratuba, there is something for everyone.

To see more unique pieces, check out the following link:

We wish you a diligent purchase!

What Frobolous is & how it works:

Frobolous is a fashion company that creates custom made clothes. We focus on the category of dresses for special occasions and offer them through a personalized experience.

Personalization means that women are able to choose one of our dresses from the customizable collection and then change it according to their style and body type.

They can start by adjusting the design of the dress by changing: the neckline, the sleeves, the length and the details, to add a touch of their own, to choose their favorite color and also to adjust it to their own size. We enclose a video showing the customization process or you can refer to the customization section on the website:

But the experience does not end here, for brand lovers, there is another category called Ready-to-Wear which is a collection of 8 designers (either local or new) who have not yet appeared in the UK market.

Each of them has their own collections, from which women can choose a dress and adjust it in color and size. See:

Among them, I have 2 Greek designers, whose profiles I quote.



How we produce:

Each garment at Frobolous is made to order and is unique, which means that we start producing it the moment the customer places the order and it will take 2-3 weeks to receive it. Providing the personalized customization, it is not possible to know what we need to produce before placing the order and that is why it takes a few days for the dress to be delivered.

All our dresses are handmade, tailored to the needs of our customers and are produced in three countries: Italy, Turkey and Albania. The fabric comes from Italy and Turkey. The way of production and the quality of our fabric establish us as an affordable and luxurious brand.

The main pillars of the brand are four: 1. Customize the design of the dress, 2. Customize the size, 3. Affordable luxury 4. Environmental Sensitivity with the existence of “No to waste” policy as we do not have excessive fabric stock and inventory of dresses, which are the most dangerous elements that contribute to environmental pollution.

Our vision:

“Through the power of personalized fashion, we aim to inspire our customers, YOU, to break with the usual fashion by giving you ownership of your choices in terms of style and size. Whoever you are, we support you to be more YOU.”



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