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Karima – one of a kind

(Ka – Ari – Ma) is an acronym that derives from the initials of Kalliopi Karavasili’s children (Katerina, Aristides, Maria Alexia). It is also inspired by the ancient name Karim that means generous – Kalliopi’s distinct personality trait. Kalliopi studied law in the centre of Athens and worked as a lawyer for most of her professional life. She always felt the need to create, and the opportunity came when she inherited some high-quality antique clothes and nightdresses from her great grandmother, which she wanted to recycle by redesigning and reusing. After doing so, she felt an even greater need to create, thus started to learn the art of Macramé, through which she creates clothes using her pure imagination. She opened her creative atelier sculpting clothes inspired by the beauty of the female body creating one of a kind garments.

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