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Dive yourself into the world of our designers. Each of them has been carefully selected to provide something different, distinguish that best matches your personality. Explore the world of hand-made, couturiers & ateliers.

Karima – one of a kind

(Ka – Ari – Ma) is an acronym that derives from the initials of Kalliopi Karavasili’s children (Katerina, Aristides, Maria Alexia). It is also inspired by the ancient name Karim that means generous – Kalliopi’s distinct personality trait. Each and every Karima item is One of a kind – individually handmade without a patron or design in hand, but instead formed using Kalliopi’s pure imagination.

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Zala Alpaslan

Zala derives from the designer’s great grandmother name, a strong & hardworking woman. Zala featured these characteristics in her designs and resembled her embellishment for life by inheriting the name to her designs. Based on the strong meaning of the Zala’s name, born 154 years ago the pieces aim to make women feel beautiful. The designer aims to make women feel more comfortable by wearing Zala designs while feeling more confident, noble and stylish.

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Nunu’s Closet

The brand stands of branding with a pinkie girl history, raised from the power to create art in her own way, body and soul to craft a bit of colour in your everyday life. Success is earned by hard work, as Nur did, she raised from nothing to everything but her passion for creative fashion, trends and classy styles. While Nur Karaata continued her university education she opened her first boutique ‘Nunu’s Closet’ in İzmir and sold her own designs and that is where all started.

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Enada At’Nikolla

Each piece of this collection has a personal drive to make each of you feel unique in your own way…we aim to bring these dresses to life through you. The one and only thought while my pen touches the paper was to be materialized in an original piece matching your feminine originality. Inspired by the women silhouette and spirit EAN goes beyond imagination to bring the most exclusive designs.

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Jona Muca Atelier

Jona Muca Atelier is the consolidation of a craft that is inherited for generations. Tailoring is the distinctive element of our family, starting with the great-grandparents, who embark on their journey in the field of tailoring, specializing further in the work of traditional hats, and then with their children, nephews and stepmothers.

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Rezarta Skifteri

RS graduated in academic painting design art course locally and internationally. As a child she was very passionate about design by starting at an early age sketching different interesting pieces. Always inspired in challenging the status quo- by designing and bringing to life her passionate spirit without thinking about a legacy just expressing her inner emotions and passion for design timelessly.

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Goddess Exclusive

Goddess Exclusive is a fashion house established in Kosovo. Goddess exclusive always delivers high quality dresses to her clients all over the world. With the great dedication and the first sales we made in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia, the attention and interest increased internationally making many customers from all over the world buy from the brand. What makes Goddess exclusive a unique brand is the fact that all dresses are exclusive designs and everything is handmade. The greatest success this brand achieved with Princess gown dresses that made a lot of women feel like real princesses in real life.

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Mavì Bikini was born from the desire to manifest art in all its forms. Martina, the young owner of the brand, took her first steps in the fashion and design sector at the age of 5 when at her grandmother's seamstress house, she preferred to play with her sewing machine rather than with common games for girls. From there her passion never stopped. In fact, art, colors and music have always accompanied her life between one creation and another, giving life to new emotions, projects and dreams. In 2018 she decides to give shape to this project matured over the years and gives life to Mavì Bikini a new way of conceiving swimwear.

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