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The Night Fashion Bloomed in Tirana

November 11, 2023

In a spectacular display of elegance and innovation, the Brigades Palace in Tirana became the epicenter of high fashion on November 11th, 2023. This enchanting evening, aptly named “Couture Awakening,” marked a significant milestone in Albania’s burgeoning fashion scene.

Setting: A Historical Canvas

The Brigades Palace, a symbol of architectural grandeur, provided the perfect backdrop for this glamorous affair. Its rich history and opulence added an extra layer of grandeur to the event, marrying the past and the present in a seamless fashion narrative

Showcasing Albanian Design Excellence

The fashion show was more than just a display of clothing; it was a celebration of Albanian creativity. Eight of the country’s most prestigious brands took the runway by storm. Each label, including Labentine, Anisa Collection, BADAS, Aga Clothing, Altin Mici, Alisa Dudaj, Ari The Brand, and Frobolous Collection, presented its own distinct flair, weaving a tapestry of traditional motifs and contemporary designs

A Kaleidoscope of Styles on the Runway

The runway came alive with a medley of colors and textures, as models showcased diverse styles ranging from avant-garde to timeless classics. These collections reflected the rich palette of Albanian fashion, a testament to the artistic prowess and cultural depth of the designers.

Celebrating More Than Fashion

The event transcended the conventional boundaries of a fashion show. It was a confluence of fashion, entertainment, and business luminaries, turning the night into a vibrant social and cultural festivity. Fashion influencers and industry professionals mingled, adding an extra layer of prestige to the event


Source: Frobolous

The Grand Finale: A Social Soirée

Post the 50-minute fashion extravaganza, the night continued with an afterparty. This gathering provided a perfect opportunity for attendees to network, socialize, and engage in discussions about the showcased autumn-winter collections. In conclusion, “Couture Awakening: Tirana’s Fashion Night” was not just a fashion show; it was a landmark moment for Albanian fashion. It heralded a new era, where tradition meets modernity, and local talent shines on the global stage



Below you will find articles and interviews from the Albanian medias



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Rudina – Stilistet shqiptare prezantojnë koleksionet e tyre në Pallatin e Brigadave



Pallati i Brigadave shndërrohet në shtëpi mode me stilistët më të mirë | “Pasditja ime” në RTSH



“Couture Awakening” ishte sfilata e parë e “Frobolous”, e cila në bashkëpunim me “Harabel Contemporary”, bëri bashkë stilistë të rinj dhe brande të rëndësishme shqiptare.



JNuk e dimë nëse e njihni, por Frobolous organizoi para pak ditësh në Pallatin e Brigadave një mbremje mode dhe stili. Stilistët më të mirë vendas prezantuan koleksionet e tyre të reja Vjeshtë/Dimër 2023 në një sfilatë të parë të këtij lloji të quajtur “Couture Awakening”



Jo në Paris, as në Milano, por brenda Pallatit të Brigadave! Sfilata që bëri bashkë shumë emra të njohur të stilistëve shqiptarë,
Sfilata Frobolous në bashkëpunim me Harabel Contemporary, ishte një e tillë që u zhvillua të shtunën në “Pallatin e Brigadave”, në orën 18:30, ku morën pjesë stilistë të rinj dhe brande të rëndësishme shqiptare si: Aga Clothing, Ari the brand, Anisa Collections Labentine, Bad A.S, Altin Mici, Alisa Dudaj, FRBL Collection.




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