Inspired by Vivaldi’s symphony this dress offers a baroque sensation that will embrace your body and soul through 36 personalized cut options. As Vivaldi said “there are no words, its only music there”…embrace your 4 seasons dress!

Choose your own style, from our house to yours crafted with love!

This is a time-traveler dress that makes you a bit nostalgic but with a smiley sensation. Memories or the right kind of memories help us restore faith in the “autumn melancholic moments” of our life…embrace the joy of memories in this princess cut dress and feel the magic of time.


  • 100% Tulle fabric and you can ask for more
  • Made-to-measure to fit you perfectly
  • High neck shaped, below the knee dress offered in 36 different customizations to match your perfect styling
  • No-Waste, no-mass production, made-to-order dress, we start producing only when you place an order. We’re doing our best to protect the environment!
  • Offered in 2 different colours like dark green and black
  • Fabric & Care: Dry clean only

From our house to yours crafted with love!

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