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Altin Mici

Altin Mici Atelier is a designer who has an unusual career in the fashion industry. The desire and passion for men’s clothing were injected into him at an early age. When he was only 12 years old, he lost his father, who for him was a strong point of reference, when he looked at the ideal figure of a man.

From his father, he inherited a small but high-quality wardrobe with his clothes such as suits, jackets, coats, and ties. His curiosity pushed him to start exploring the world of tailoring, after some training at a young age, he started making the first clothes for his friends until he was 18 years old. After this age, like many young Albanians, he took the path of emigration, which lasted for 4-to 5 years, after returning to his homeland, he opened a boutique with clothes imported from Italy, and at the same time, he began his studies at the SIPAM-AM Fashion Institute. where he graduated with maximum honors as Patronist – Modelist – Stylist. In 2009, the atelier came to life, where the desire to set high standards in the production of clothing stood out from the start, without making any compromises regarding quality. This brand is now very consolidated within the borders of Albania and is also known by the Albanian diaspora, especially after the collaboration with the AFL to create the official image of the Albanian national football team for Euro 2016, a collaboration which still continues. The moment has now come for this brand to be present in the international market.

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