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Alison Mariot

Simplicity is the key of true elegance, it’s about self expression and above all, attitude. We created this brand because we believe that beauty lies in simplicity. Alison Mariot is a Canadian brand, founded in 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Our vision was to design and produce accessories that were not only classy and chic but contemporary as well, practical and sportive, aiming for an everyday usage. Our products offer high quality, they are comfortable to wear, unique and at affordable prices, following the most recent fashion trends. Our Name Our company’s name intertwines the beauty and simplicity with the sea (Alison-beauty within simplicity) and (Mariot-mare/sea). We felt the words invoked the right image and attention and that’s why we chose the anchor as our logo, the symbolic meaning of it being a person in tune with himself and faithful to the values one believes in. Our mission is to create products that identify the possessor, giving him or her a chance to express themselves through these ornaments; their lifestyle, personalities and virtues.

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