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Who we are.

We are an Online-Atelier that provide high quality bespoken dresses made of Italian fabrics. Like in an Atelier, through the 6 degrees of customisation (Neckline, Length & Details, Sleeve type, Special Touch, Color, Custom Size) you can change the design to your style and have the dress of your dreams. For brand lovers, you can customise your favourite designer’s styles from the range of couturiers, offered at a custom made size for perfect fitting. At Frobolous we offer the authentic Atelier experience, craftsmanship, quality & care but only in a more convenient way, online from the comfort of your house. From our house to yours, crafted with Love!

Our Vision

We believe in the unique individuality of people. Everybody is unique by nature and doesn’t deserve less than that in their fashion choices. Through the power of personalised fashion, we aim to empower our customers, YOU and disrupt the custom fashion by giving You the ownership of your fashion choices in terms of style and size. Whoever you are, we support YOU to be more YOU. You are one in 8 billion people; of course, you are unique & special. We like You; simply there is nobody else like You.

Our Promise.

Our humble existence was born to make women express more their unique personality, as such, we promise personalisation and no-drama. “Personalisation”– We genuinely believe and will always believe in Personalised Fashion. Everybody is unique! At Frobolous we honour that, that’s why we are all about personalisation. “No-Drama”– We promise to deliver 100% exactly what we say. Every single word from us is not just a written word but a full commitment to delivery.

Our Commitment

We exist as a by-product of who we are personally and what we believe in. We are fully committed to our core principles: affordable-luxury, no-waste policy and passion, creativity & fun. “Affordable Luxury”– We believe in affordable luxury & a balanced price-quality ratio & we are always committed to staying faithful to our promises. “No- Waste Policy”– We are committed to our on-demand production process, that everything is produced as much as needed and when it is required. We don’t keep any inventory and don’t have any stock left to overwhelm the environment. “Passion, Creativity & Fun”– We are committed to stay true to our start-up nature, work with passion & creativity, based on a collaborative way, where people can trust each other and meanwhile making sure always to have fun.

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